Real Estate is a tough business. Marketing properly is simply the price of admission.

Published on Mar 8, 2013

“You think the shark tank is brutal – wait till you see this,” said realty maven Barbara Corcoran.

this is a bunch of garbage. Sorry..For all the money people think real estate agents get just think, the agent is paying for all the marketing. on top of it…agents are not paid for open houses, for driving people around to look at homes…this all comes out of the agents pocket. When you average it out, for most agents, it’s not a killing like these turds in New York. The sad fact is that people are going to compare themselves to the new york standards, even when you are living in fargo ND. this an unfair picture of a profession that already gets very little repect. In most markets, agents walk away with $3,000. for well over 100 hours of work. That is $30 an hour. Your landscaper makes more!! Yes, in New York they walk away with, I don’t know..$50,000?  And we’re judging from that?! Well, I guess we can look at a certain NBC anchor and realize that these “journalists” are really the ones just out for the money in the form of ratings. Nice Sensational story based on one narrow market represening a very small portion of our country.

I totally agreed with @Bobi about real estate firms aren’t always equal quality services. They are roundabout only 10-20% companies offer better and affordable consultancy as we are expecting from their ideas. Click here to get more help: http://www.myoutdesk.com/

+Smith H Good Defined and more informative site..

Wow. That kind of stuff might fly in New York but things like misleading information or failure to disclose information about something that is not in a clients best interest will get you ran out of town and get your license taken away down here.

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Make sure you are working with a real estate firm who has your best interest as a priority. A large company does not always equal better service. Alpine Lakes Real Estate has been working with both buyers and sellers for 30 years to ensure that they reach a successful transaction.

I started with Coldwell Banker the spring of 2005 and switched to Alpine Lakes Real Estate the winter of 2005 (lol)

This gives agents like me a bad wrap. The first male agent is on the show Million Dollar Listings and has to be a shark to succeed in New York. However, I like to believe that agents are taught fiduciary duty and stand by that code.

This shows the other side of the business.  All of the scenarios talked about here has happened to me…stubborn sellers; overpriced house; buyers having zillow as their guide, gives me more work since information on other real estate websites are misleading. If you are a great real estate agent, you will survive all these minor annoyances.  Every business has them.

I would imagine this is reality TV and there is some stretch to the truth here… I have found that most agents who have been in the business for a great length of time have found success in treating clients with integrity. Best source of business is repeat business.

+elizabeth san miguel So no college, got it. I’ll check it out.

+elizabeth san miguel Someone in the real estate once told me, if i remember correctly, that he took courses and that now that he’s an agent life is smooth and he makes good money.

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Check out this video on YouTube:

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some of the real estate programs are very interesting………the millionaire listing shows are the worse of the lot.

It’s very simple. Buyers, get serious about buying and act. Don’t waste your agents time with wishy washy behavior. Buy or get lost. Realtors, be honest about what you know. Sellers, don’t overprice your home to begin with.

This is BS

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Check out this video on YouTube:

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не само у нас има фалшиви обяви на #имоти и други недоразумения… Ако изберете да работите с брокер, важно е да изберете такъв, който ще работи във Ваш интерес.

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Select a REALTOR that has your best interest at heart.   Selling the Rogue Valley  Jen Kastrava   Licensed Real Estate Broker in the State of Oregon   Keller Williams Realty Southern Oregon

+Jennifer Kastrava The thing is that all realtors gonna say that they have your best interest.

Keeping closed listings in MLS is malpractice.

What a awfully one sided view of the industry. I love my job and the practices that they mention like keeping an expired listing up as bait for clients would get them kick out of my brokerage

This is a pretty onesided representation.  In Colorado most of the items pointed out about these agents would be direct ethics violations.  There are so many hard working genuine agents out there!

+Cynthia Lowry you’re so right.  That’s where I practice as well.  I guess we’re pretty fortunate to be working here if that’s how other places do business.

INSIDE SECRETS of a REAL ESTATE AGENT –  I found this interesting and thinking back on before I was in real estate, how many of these things I was not aware of.

This video did not show anything that an ethical and honest Realtor doesn’t come up against everyday and yes there are still some out there :)  For example some of my clients will beg for an open house, because a neighbor had one.  I always explain “I do not do open houses because they are for “MY” benefit not yours”  Making a homeowner with small children leave for several hours so I can pick up a new buyer is not the way I conduct my business but I have had other Agents tell a client “she’s just lazy” when they know exactly why they are doing an open house and will even entice a rookie to sit it for them claiming “you can keep all the leads” now whose lazy!!  All that said, there are always going to be “sharks” in “any” industry … I have however, learned to swim faster than them :)

I totally agree with you +Trudy Anne Hess

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